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Phin Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam continues to be a fascinating mix of people, culture, language, food, fashion, nature and terrain, which can make it a challenge to manifest in a micro retail tenant unit in the middle of a growing commercial neighborhood in Little Saigon.

Like with all of our projects, we try to integrate and translate artistic, cultural, food, nature, and historical references into tangible design compositions.

The material pallet for Phin is derived and inspired by natural woods and subtle textures, combined with soft tones and muted pops of color in an attempt to reminisce memories of traditional Vietnamese temples, pagodas and communal houses in Hanoi Old Quarter. A small space affords unique design opportunities. We sought to take advantage by creating a ‘faux balcony’ and deploying natural wood textures in bamboo tambour panels, inspired by the ornate patios, cupolas, and decorations fashioned in cement that dot the urban fabric of Vietnamese cities all over the country.

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