Director of Creativity

Sonia-Lynn Abenojar

A mover and shaker in the field of design and engagement, Sonia-Lynn works to break down barriers to the design process while developing meaningful relationships with her community partners - locally and abroad. Sonia-Lynn strives to be a student of life, taking in history, culture, art, fashion, community and food to inform her ever-evolving design aesthetic and approach to building relationships.

Director of Design + Culture

Sergio Max Legon-Talamoni

Sergio's work and outreach focuses on creating culturally immersive spaces and places that embody the heart and soul of our community, preserve our cultural ecosystem, and celebrate identity. He identifies as first-generation Samoan-Cuban-American and grew up in South Seattle where his exposure to a beautiful diversity of cultures helped craft his global-human perspective of the world.

Meet Our Network of Collaborators


Czarina Joy Ducay

Czarina graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design. Her journey has continued working in various project types including healthcare, industrial, k-12, retail, office work spaces, and so on. A pivotal time in her journey was building a Community Arts Center in Mompiche, Ecuador and an Oncology Cancer center in Oregon. Her passion stems from providing services to local communities in need. She’s recently completed a UX/UI Research Design Program within the University of Oregon. Her intention is to bridge her love for architecture and technology. Outside of work, she loves to explore nature, immerse herself in new cultures, and spend quality time with her family and friends.


Jessica Hardin

Jessica is an experienced designer with over a decade in the professional practice in architecture, interiors, and project management. She is passionate about making good design accessible to everyone. Her work focuses on inclusive community environments and empowering people to live, work, and play from a place of wellbeing. She has a Bachelor of Art in Interior Design from Bellevue College and is on the path to becoming a licensed Architect. She believes that accessibility can, and should be, an integrated part of every design. Outside of work, you’ll find her engaging in curious conversations over coffee, playing with plants, and enjoying time with friends and family.


Stephanie Palmer

Stephanie has been fortunate to work with a diverse range of clients over the last decade of her Interior Design career, from Big Tech to small, locally owned businesses. Witha B.A. in Visual Arts and Interior Design, she is always in the pursuit of finding new sources of inspiration to inform her creative process. Stephanie also enjoys volunteering as a mentor and is currently developing curriculum for The Training Emerging Professionals Program which introduces talented BIPOC youth to careers in Commercial Real Estate. She is looking forward to building community with other BIPOC businesses as a design collaborator with La Union Studio.