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Boon Boona Coffee - UW Bookstore

A physical manifestation of Boon Boona Coffee's cultural brand of sharing the unique coffee traditions of the region of East Africa comes to the UW Bookstore.

“We sought to reflect and blend seamlessly the design elements of their new space with their already established design language, harnessing bold geometric textures and vibrant colors that reflect the robustness of their coffee and culture,” said Legon-Talamoni. “Because of the success of their previous locations of being community focal points in their respective neighborhoods, we wanted to provide a balanced and restrained design that celebrated the spirit of their organic growth”.

For Efrem Fesaha, whose 2 other cafes are located in Renton & Capitol Hill,  he said working with La Union Studio on this latest project was a perfect collaboration.

“We really wanted to see our culture and history come alive in our space and Sonia-Lynn and Sergio really understood that,” said Fesaha. “Their team was able to bring our ideas together and created something that’s both incredible and functional. I especially love the bamboo tiles that are placed in the front of our cafe. It’s just the coolest thing”.

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