Phin Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam continues to be a fascinating mix of people, culture, language, food, fashion, nature and terrain, which can make it a challenge to manifest in a micro retail tenant unit in the middle of a growing commercial neighborhood in Little Saigon.

Raised Doughnuts & Cakes

Raised Doughnuts & Cakes is a refreshingly contemporary take on a donut shop and bakery.


The goal of the project was to transform the space into an oasis of abundant plant greenery, vibe music, pop-up food programs, and a place to be comfortable.

Boon Boona Coffee - UW Bookstore

A physical manifestation of Boon Boona Coffee's cultural brand of sharing the unique coffee traditions of the region of East Africa comes to the UW Bookstore.

King Donuts

La Union Studio pays homage by incorporating pops of color and texture reminiscent of their original King Donuts location.

CheBogz Filipino Food

Designed in inspiration of your local mom and pop Sari Sari store often found in the barios all over the Philippines, the space is vibrant and colorful, complimenting the abundant flavors of Filipino cuisine.