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Cafe Avole

Cafe Avole shares Ethiopian coffee culture and re-introduces the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony to the Historic Africatown neighborhood of Seattle.

While Seattle has no shortage of coffee, Cafe Avole aims to share innovative Ethiopian coffee culture, introduce the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and aims to make an impact in global and community outreach of the complexity of Ethiopian coffee culture. Avole’s second location is located in Africatown’s Liberty Bank Building, which houses 115 affordable housing units and was named to honor the region’s first black-owned bank that once stood at the building’s current location. Inspired by the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, Avole (pronounced “A-bol”), the space shares with patrons a unique cultural experience that celebrates coffee’s birthplace of Ethiopia. A lounge tucked to the side of the bar was designed to celebrate the permanence of the vital coffee ceremony within Ethiopian culture; and an homage to the black clay coffee pot called ‘Jebena.’

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