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Seattle Washington (March 2023): La Union Studio is proud to be the official design partner for the newest location of Boon Boona Cafe that recently opened its third and newest location inside the University of Washington Bookstore.

According to the founders of La Union Studio, Sergio Max Legon-Talmoni and Sonia Lynn Abenojor, their focus for every project is to showcase the unique personalities & visions of their
clients. In working with Efrem Fesaha, the Owner & CEO of Boon Boona Cafe, La Union Studio was motivated to design a physical manifestation of the Cafe’s cultural brand of sharing the
unique coffee traditions of the region of East Africa.

“We sought to reflect and blend seamlessly the design elements of their new space with their already established design language, harnessing bold geometric textures and vibrant colors that reflect the robustness of their coffee and culture,” said Legon-Talamoni. “Because of the success of their previous locations of being community focal points in their respective neighborhoods, we wanted to provide a balanced and restrained design that celebrated the spirit of their organic growth”.

For Efrem Fesaha, whose 2 other cafes are located in Renton & Capitol Hill, he said working with La Union Studio on this latest project was a perfect collaboration. “We really wanted to see our culture and history come alive in our space and Sonia-Lynn and Sergio really understood that,” said Fesaha. “Their team was able to bring our ideas together and created something that’s both incredible and functional. I especially love the bamboo tiles that are placed in the front of our cafe. It’s just the coolest thing”.

The newest Boon Boona Cafe is located at 3426 University Way, NE Seattle, WA 98105.

About La Union Studio

Led by founders Sonia-Lynn Abenojar and Sergio Legon-Talmoni, La Union Studio is a full-service, architectural and interior design studio based in Seattle, Washington. Our studio specializes in the tenant improvements of cultural, retail, hospitality, multi-family and custom single family residential projects. Our designs reflect the beautifully diverse identities of our clients - their community - and the broader fabric of the neighborhood. Some of our clients included Phin Vietnamese Coffee, Raised Doughnuts & Cakes, Bahtoh, 20 Oz Tea, Hood Famous Cafe & Bar and Boon Boona Cafe.

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What clients are saying about us

I recommend La Union Studio all the time. They are easy to work with, it felt like a collaboration the entire time, they listen to your wants and desires and really do a great job of incorporating them as well as their own styles to make it incredible.

Mi Kim, Owner, Raised Doughnuts & Cakes

What clients are saying about us

Trusting the process with this team is simple, because they understand the reality of running a business. We trust they will accommodate your needs & the end result will be special.

Maxwell Heigh, Founder, Heigh Connects Food Group

What clients are saying about us

Sergio and Sonia are a perfect balance of accessible and professional, of community-based and institutionally-connected. They can help bridge the often totally disparate worlds of small business and commercial development. Their design solutions to complicated problems are intuitive and straightforward.

Matthew Richter, Interim Executive Director, Cultural Space Agency

What clients are saying about us

La Union Studio has helped us connect with people from the community that we were not in connection with before this project, which allowed more people to know Chebogz's story and legacy. They also have your back when issues rise and they do it in a way that doesn't scare the clients. They care!

Patrixia Paraiso, Owner, CheBogz Filipino Food

What clients are saying about us

With Sergio and Sonia, you get two people who are insanely intelligent, incredibly creative, but also really patient. I really appreciate their ability to stick to a timeline, to meet deadlines, to continue to push and to reach a vision.

Gavin Sullivan, Owner, Madrona Bureau